John Blanco
(interdisciplinary artist)
Works revolving around literary arts and sciences manifesting in interventions and performance installations.

Victor Cartagena
(interdisciplinary artist)
I have been a witness to wars, invasions and revolutionary movements, cold wars, curfews, walls built and walls demolished. . . Art is the primary tool we use to interpret our immediate environment and the forces shaping our world, both locally and globally.

Guillermo Gomez Peña
(radical performance artist)
He established himself as a performance artist, writer, activist, and educator. Most of his work concerns the interface between North and South, Mexican and U.S. culture, border culture and the politics of the brown body.

Susan Greene, Ph.D.
(muralist / organizer)
Works dealing with social sculpture, community based art and clinical psychology.

Dara Greenwald
(media, action artist)
Specializes in video, new media, performance, public, social art, and writing.

Marisa Jahn
(multidisciplinary artist)
Work integrates traditional art media (sculpture, performance, photography) with Conceptual-Minimalist strategies to explore the relationship between mark-making and place-making.

Steve Lambert
(multidisciplinary artist)
Works dealing with public space, signs, and advertising, often presented in public spaces. Sometimes funny.

James Luna
(multidisciplinary artist)
Luna feels that "art work in the media of performance and installation offers an opportunity like no other for Indian people to express themselves without compromise in traditional art forms of ceremony, dance, oral traditions and contemporary thought..."

Claude Moller
(mix media-artist / organizer)
Works dealing with politics and history of activism and labor through mix media posters, signs, stencils, print making and paintings, often shown in public spaces.

Mabel Negrete
(multidisciplinary artist )
Experimental art and activism often exploring the relatioships between social identity and the making of urban environments.

Josh MacPhee
(radical artist / organizer)
Specializes in print making, new media, performance, public, social Art, and Writing

Praba Pilar
(radical performance Artist)
Explores technology and community through site works, performances, street theatre, writing and websites.

Favianna Rodriguez Gianomi
(radical graphic artist)
Works reflecting national and international grassroots struggles through graphics.

Patricia Rodriguez
(chicana muralist artist)
Artworks dealing with chicana identity through murals, sculptures and installations.

Michael Roman
(graphic/interdisciplinary artist)
Art that interweaves indigenous symbols and myths with contemporary pop culture and materials.

Joshua Short
Experimental art exploring concepts involving American capitalism and urban ecology.


Organizations & Collectives:


(artists, activist & academics)
Break the Silence Mural and Arts, (BTS) is an arts/activist group committed to using creative projects to facilitate social change and greater awareness of the complexities of the conflict in Occupied Palestine.

(artists, activist & academics)
By sharing an understanding about the unique characteristics and circumstances of the USA/Mexico border region, Borderland's members hope to contribute to a global consciousness that opens the door between polarized neighbors.


(multidisciplinary art collective)
BuildingBloc is a multidisciplinary arts collective dedicated to working against injustice locally and globally.

(artists + environments)
Hypersea, is a coalition of multidisciplinary artists from the Bay Area, dedicated to integrating art education and artistic production into urban environments.

(art reconsidering incarceration)
PLAIN HUMAN is a collaborative group of creators, designers and activists based in San Francisco who has friends and family members incarcerated in California and National Correctional Institutions. They create art projects that seek to reconsider and re-imagine the Prison Industrial Complex.

(alternative gallery space)
Pond is an educational nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a forum through which experimental artists may share ideas and foster a mutually beneficial relationship with the larger community.

(political street artists)
The San Francisco Print Collective aims to increase public awareness and dialogue about local community causes and global concerns through printing, pasting posters, making large Banners, and other interdisciplinary public projects throughout the city of SF.

(hybrid studio)
Spell is an art + research studio inspiring public will and imagination for education....Our research is a hybrid portfolio of images, writing, policy proposals, exhibitions and events, work groups and seminars. Studio Spell is as much a making-tank as a thinking-tank.

(low-rent sidewalk art gallery)
Install gallery style shows in vacant spaces like empty walls and fences and host openings.





(a traveling art show)
Drawing Resistance is a group art show of two-dimensional artwork by 31 artists from North America. The content based show speaks to matters that are vital to understanding the world today. Some of the subjects include the anti-globalization movement, working class rights, the destruction of the environment, corporate control, police brutality, homelessness, gentrification and the Zapatista liberation movement in Mexico.

(performance by the BuildingBloc art collective)
Insides is an exploration of the prison crisis and gentrification in the U.S. The piece examines the intersection of these two issues and the impact they have. Both the prison crisis and gentrification are manifestations of institutionalized racism and the war being waged on poor people; both are examples of the literal and symbolic walls we have built in our society; and both are violent forms of social control.

(temporary agency)
The Anti-Advertising Agency co-opts the tools and structures used by the advertising and public relations industries. Our work calls into question the purpose and affects of advertising in public space. Through constructive parody and gentle humor our Agency's campaigns asks passers by to critically consider the role and strategies of today's marketing media as well as alternatives for the public arena.

A Directory Of Radical, Political and Cullinary Artist

San Francisco, CA. USA